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New ‘Getting Started’ Support Page

Posted by blogarchitect on 11/12/07

Just published: Marketing Checklist: First 5 Steps

Using the Advanced Editor Plug-In

Posted by blogarchitect on 04/10/07

A useful plug-in, particularly for giving structure to long posts.

Installing this plug in essentially adds a second row of editing buttons to your write page, allowing you to:

  • apply the ‘standard styles’ to paragraphs (heading 1 … heading 6, plus 1-2 others)
  • apply styles such as superscript and subscript, font colour, etc.
  • insert horizontal lines

Writing long, highly structured pages such as this site’s FAQs would have been more difficult without this plug-in. And writing very long pages without structure is not advised.
To install, select PlugIns from the Back Office navigation, find ‘Advanced Editor’ in the list, and click ‘Activate’. When you open Write Page the next time, you’ll need to hit Refresh.

How to use These Styles

You are of course free to do as you wish, but this site’s stylesheet works best when you use the Heading 1 to heading 4 styles as follows:

  • Heading 1 is reserved for the title of each post or page. On this page: “Using the Advanced Editor Plug-In” is in Heading 1. Each page should only have one such title, so don’t use this style.
  • Heading 2: use this as the subtitle whenever you write longer than average posts
  • Heading 3: for very long posts or pages (e.g., this site’s FAQs), use this as a secondary subtitle.
  • Heading 4: use this as an introductory paragraph. On this page, the first paragraph (“A useful plug-in …) is in Heading 4.

Here’s how they look when used this way:

Page title in Heading 1

Intro para in Heading 4

Major subtitles (e.g., Chapters) in Heading 2

Minor subtitles (e.g., subchapters) in Heading 3

Using the WordPress Bookmarklet

Posted by blogarchitect on 04/10/07

As mentioned in Getting Started, we recommend that you install the PressIt Bookmarket, which makes creating posts based on stuff you come across on the web very easily.

You can install it incredibly easily (a simple ‘right click’) from the bottom of the Write Page. Once installed, it works like this:

  • you’re browsing the web and notice something you’d like to post about
  • select a few lines, or a few paragraphs, with your mouse
  • select ‘Bookmarks’ or ‘Favourites’ from your browsers toolbar, and select ‘PressIt’
  • PressIt then logs you into your BackOffice and creates a post using the material you selected, including a link back to the page where you found it

Edit the post – tell people what you think of what you read, and (ideally) indent the actual quotation so it’s clear what you’re referring to. When you hit Publish, you will be taken back to where you were before.

Welcome to Blogactiv

Posted by blogarchitect on 01/08/07

Welcome to BlogActiv, the blogging site dedicated to building a better EU and connecting Europeans to it.

In fact, when you think about it, those two goals are in the wrong order in the above sentence. Because it’s by connecting Europeans to the EU that we’ll make it better.

Hence this site – a blog platform bringing together EU policy experts and anyone else interested in the development of the European Union to exchange ideas, argue, learn and more. It is managed by Blogactiv SPRL, an autonomous subsidiary of Euractiv.

This blog, as its name (support.blogactiv.eu) suggests, is dedicated to helping you use Blogactiv. But it goes further than pure technical support – we want this particular blog to bring users together to discuss BlogActiv itself: how it should evolve, what its users want from it, how it can help carry a conversation between Europeans from so many backgrounds, speaking so many languages, and concerned by so many things. Such posts will be tagged ‘blogactiv‘.

Future posts will develop this conversation, but if you’re new to Blogactiv you may want to first check out:

- Mathew & Andreas

Blogactiv Technical Support rss

Welcome! Here is a blog entirely dedicated to Blogactiv platform in itself. Follow closely this blog if you want to have news about Blogactiv, get help on issues and discuss the blog platform more.