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FAQs for Visitors

What is Blogactiv?

Launched in mid-October 2007, Blogactiv.eu is an “expert generated content” Web2.0 site focusing on EU affairs. It aims to become the premier source for opinions, discussions and views on the EU.

As an autonomous EurActiv subsidiary, it thus complements EurActiv’s mission: where EurActiv provides neutral, independent coverage of EU Affairs, Blogactiv provides a space for opinions and perspectives.

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FAQs for Bloggers

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Other Frequently Asked Questions:

Can anyone blog?

Yes – we believe strongly in freedom of expression. This blog platform is designed to promote discussion on the EU, but as long as you talk about that then feel free to create a blog or post comments on others.

We’ll only ban a blogger if they break the terms of agreement, which forbid people to preach hatred, racism, or violence towards others - read the Blogactiv Blogging Guidelines.

Who determines what appears on the front page, and how?

We do want to keep the quality of the home page and sections high, so we’ll push the best ones to the front page and sections. This stands whatever their opinion of the EU – Eurosceptics and Europhiles are equally welcome. Our focus is EU affairs, so we are unlikely to show articles which do not address this topic.

Bloggers with a history of good posts will see their posts go automatically to the front page.

We have editors responsible for the community. If a reader has a serious problem with a post, the reader can report it to us. We prefer this to be via the Support Blog’s Report a Problem Post page as it provides transparency and allows the community to comment. The editor then decides whether or not to remove it.

In addition, we plan to introduce a ‘report this post’ function to allow any reader to bring a problem to our attention in the near future.

Who owns the copyright? Are authors allowed to repost articles that were already published?

Copyright remains with the author. However, they give BlogActiv, EurActiv.com plc and the EurActiv network full rights in perpetuity to use the content.

If I blog here, how will I manage the comments?

Following comments from early users, we have set the ‘default blog’ (i.e., the blog you get by default when you create one here) – so that you moderate comments before they go live:

  • You will receive an email whenever a comment is submitted. This email allows you to view, approve it, delete it, or condemn it as spam, all without actually visiting your blog.
  • Naturally, you can moderate comments from the blog’s Back Office as well.

However, you can change this at any time so that comments are automatically published. You are still sent the email, so that you can react to it as above. We recommend this solution – if you take too long to approve a comment, don’t expect a second one, so find out how to change this on wordpress help.

However, if you want to ‘dip your toe’ into the blogosphere, then start with the default, see what sort of comments you get, and then move to the ‘post-publishing’ moderation model when you’ve gained confidence in your audience.

How about advertisements? And can a blogger write about his own company?

Blogactiv is an advertising-supported initiative, so ads appear on the site. If you would like to advertise on or sponsor Blogactiv, please contact blogdirector(at)euractiv.com.

A blogger is free to write about his/her own organisation. If it reads like PR, however, there’s little chance it will make much of an impact, but that’s up to the blogger.

How about political affiliations – do you require bloggers to disclose them?

Absolutely not. Bloggers are free to disclose whatever information about themselves they so choose. Blogactiv seeks people with any or no political affiliation.

Will you require the bloggers to use their real names?

We strongly encourage bloggers to use their real names. It lends credibility. If for some reason you wish or need to use a pen name, we suggest using a ‘real sounding’ name and not something like hacker001.

Can I do something about the automatic emails whenever someone comments or a trackback happens?

Sure. Just go into your dashboard. On the top menu, click> OPTIONS, then choose> DISCUSSION, and scroll down to the second heading EMAIL ME WHENEVER, there you can adjust when you do or don’t want to receive email alerts.

Can I podcast and videoblog using blogactiv?

Yes absolutely. If you need some basic intruction as to how a podcast works, click here and read the wikipedia explanation. We’ve included an option when you’re writing that you can click on to insert an mp3 or video file.

Ask a Question

If your question is not answered above, then please use the Comments feature, below, to ask it.

10 Responses to FAQs »»

  1. Comment by Jon Worth | 2007/10/11 at 21:55:10

    The sub-header of your project is ‘Expert-Generated Content for Europe’ and yet you let anyone join and blog… How do you propose to reconcile those things? There’s a vast and diverse group of people blogging about the EU and some of them would actually be termed experts – should you not aim to syndicate their material?

  2. Comment by Mark F. Rendeiro | 2007/10/17 at 11:10:29

    Part of the spirit of blogging culture since its birth has been that many different people can be different kinds of experts based on experiences and knowledge. While the current slogan says expert-generated, this is not to say that only an elite group are welcome… I believe all those who are interested and passionate about EU related topics are welcome. Syndication is all around within the network especially and next steps are on the way.

  3. Comment by mathew | 2007/10/17 at 12:14:02

    Thanks, Jon, for your thoughtful comment.

    In many ways I agree with it. As you know, this site is in alpha mode – we’re still developing it. And in fact we have revised the catchphrase since then – we’re going for “Europeans Challenge Europe”. It’s just a question of updating the graphic. Remember, you read it here first.

    What do you think? The idea is that anyone with something useful to say about Europe can blog. Of course, not only ‘Europeans’ can have an opinion on Europe, but they are the most concerned by it.

  4. Comment by Derek W. Buxton | 2007/11/20 at 13:13:52

    I have just read your comments on the EU Referendum blog. I am puzzled by the way you interchange Europe and the EU. Mostly you appear to use the former only occasionally the latter. This is what the politicians do all the time and makes one wonder if they can tell the difference.

  5. Comment by mathew | 2007/11/20 at 17:24:56

    You’re right, of course.

    But we’re not terribly politically correct, so while we did seriously consider “Europeans challenge the EU”, we dropped it because a tagline has to be catchy as well as try to capture the essence of what we’re trying to do here.

    BTW, in my experience the politicians you’re referring to don’t make the distinction between ‘Europe’ and the EU because they’ve been told that “the public” doesn’t make the distinction. So you get this chicken and egg effect going here.

    Also in my experience, you just can’t please everyone!

  6. Comment by Shang Hi! | 2007/11/21 at 05:30:18

    Britain’s very new & very immature Foreign Secretary, David Miliband, recently spoke about “Europe”, when presumably he meant the “EU”. If that’s so, that’s a very poor level of accuracy for one of HM’s ministers to achieve – even one so completely unsatisfactory for the post as himself!

    But what was much worse, he spoke of the EU expanding in some indeterminate way in time to include N Africa, the Middle East, & Russia. That’s CRAZY talk! Russia was the enemy until less than 18 years ago, & can not be relied on NOT to become one again. Yet we have two good friends who no EU government ever mentions as deserving a special relationship with the EU – ie the USA & Canada. They were our great friends in WWII, & great helpers in NATO ever since. The EU & its member governments are quite ridiculous the way they want to turn their backs on their best friends. Not just ridiculous, but IDIOTS!

  7. Comment by mathew | 2007/11/22 at 11:17:30


    I should have mentioned earlier that during this site’s pre-launch ‘Alpha’ phase we had a post dedicated to defining the site’s catchphrase. You can see the evolution here: http://blogarchitect.blogactiv.eu/2007/09/27/help-us-define-this-sites-catchphrase/

    Shang Hi!, while your first paragraph follows the conversation on ‘EU/Europe’, the second is a bit off topic, so if you want to criticise/comment on EU enlargement policy, you could start a blog here, or post to the guest blog. It’s a very good topic and noone’s starting it yet, so go for it.

  8. Comment by wondering | 2007/11/27 at 19:41:00

    Mathew, as suggested, I’m reposting my question here: what did you mean when you said in another thread that “we’re owned by Euractiv but we’re autonomous”? What exactly does “autonomous” mean in this context? Are you then not financed and managed by Euractiv? Is there no influence coming from Euractiv’s management on Blogactiv’s content? Credibility takes a couple things more than a few well-placed claims… so could you bring us up on who’s who here?

  9. Comment by blogarchitect | 2007/11/28 at 15:53:28

    Thanks for reposting here.

    We (Blogactiv SPRL) are wholly owned by EurActiv.com PLC.

    We therefore answer to EurActiv.com shareholders and management, as any subsidiary obviously must. They are a private company, and so are we.

    It does *not* mean they ‘manage’ us operationally.

    Why? well, without going into a major discussion on the subject of media ownership, undue influence from a parent company generally has a strangling effect on its child.

    Our business is based on providing a platform for discussing EU policies, not in dictating them. Credibility will therefore come when visitors see that we do not censor anti-EU views.

    Any interference with the bloggers’ views would be suicide on our part, akin to a newspaper (or, indeed, EurActiv) allowing advertisers to dictate the editorial. Who would visit us if they thought they’d only get pro-EU views? The only standards we impose are set out above: http://support.blogactiv.eu/faq/#can_anyone

    Fortunately for my argument, this morning saw an excellent and highly critical post of an EU-supported initiative: http://brusselsblogger.blogactiv.eu/2007/11/28/video-leaving-is-not-always-living/

    I hope you test us.

  10. jok
    Comment by jok | 2008/05/13 at 07:43:15

    useful information indeed

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