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Welcome to the Beta Version

Use this blog to note and share problems encountered during pre-launch testing with Blogactiv’s technical support.

If you’re reading this, chances are that you’re taking a look under the bonnet of Blogactiv during its ‘beta’, pre-launch testing phase. Welcome in.

The site has a number of known issues that are being fixed. If you do not see an issue in the following list, the best way of bringing it up is to add it using the comment function, below.

Known Issues as of 7 November:

  • Your First Three Posts may appear elsewhere on the site, contrary to what it says on Getting Started. Basically we’re managing what goes on the home page manually, so you can still experiment until further notice.
  • the way we handle languages is still under development – see Languages in this Site

See anything else that needs fixing? Comment!

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  1. Import from Blogger does not work.

    There is limited access to page layout changes. For example it is not possible to get rid of some page elements.

    The site does not render perfectly on Firefox.

  2. Hi Žiga,

    Thanks for the comments. As this post points out, we’re in Beta mode, so we’re working on all of these issues, particularly cross-browser support and the import function.

    We design for Firefox – the problem you noticed was in fact a new widget bug, now fixed. We have more problems getting it to work with some versions of IE (of course).

    As for the page layout changes … before launching we consulted a lot of ‘EU affairs professionals’ – the sort of people we want to help enter the blogosphere. The overwhelming message from them was to Keep It Simple, so that they could focus on content without having to worry about customising their blog … or making a mess of it in the process.

    You are rather the exception to this, clearly – not that many EU ministers have your background!

    Not that we’re not listening – if you would like to see some increased flexibility in the page layout, or have any other suggestions, we created a Suggestion Box for exactly that purpose:

    Blogactiv team

  3. Dear gstoev,

    in the back office, go to “Options”. On the “General”, panel, you can set the blog languagge to Bulgarian. If you are still having problems, please let us know.

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