Blogactiv Technical Support

As mentioned in Getting Started, we recommend that you install the PressIt Bookmarket, which makes creating posts based on stuff you come across on the web very easily.

You can install it incredibly easily (a simple ‘right click’) from the bottom of the Write Page. Once installed, it works like this:

  • you’re browsing the web and notice something you’d like to post about
  • select a few lines, or a few paragraphs, with your mouse
  • select ‘Bookmarks’ or ‘Favourites’ from your browsers toolbar, and select ‘PressIt’
  • PressIt then logs you into your BackOffice and creates a post using the material you selected, including a link back to the page where you found it

Edit the post – tell people what you think of what you read, and (ideally) indent the actual quotation so it’s clear what you’re referring to. When you hit Publish, you will be taken back to where you were before.

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