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So you’ve got your blog and you’re writing posts, but you’re wondering about how to get a boost in visitors or comments. If your goal is to expand your readership and foster some quality comment discussions, then it is a good idea to interact with the blogging community. This community includes other Blogactiv bloggers, of course, but also the wider blogosphere.

React to Comments

A simple but important thing to remember is that when you get a comment, respond to it as soon as possible. Acknowledge that you read the comment and answer the person if the comment calls for an answer. Send a sign that you’re reading it and you appreciate it. After that, you could click on that persons website and see what they’re writing about. There might be something that interests you, and of course, you could then comment on their blog. This type of networking can become an epidemic, on each blog that you then comment on, other readers will read you and see your website address and potentially come to your blog and become new readers of your blog!

Look Around

Within the blogactiv community, or just by searching the web, you can easily find dozens of bloggers talking about topics that interest you. Sometimes, rather than wait for them to come to you, you should go and find them. Once you find such a blogger, read their posts, and if you like their work – link them in your blogroll or in a post. You could also become a frequent commenter on their blog. Any of these activities can result in you being linked back and in that blogger or his/her readers then become regular visitors to your blog. Remember that in the blog world, quoting someone and linking to them is not only ok, it is a true sign of respect; the currency of the blogosphere. (for quoting a blogpost, try the Bookmarklet tool)

Self Promotion

Now that you’ve started blogging, there’s no need to be ashamed of it. Listing your blog title and blog address in various places throughout the internet and in your offline life can sometimes prove useful. Many journalists and writers who regularly publish articles in magazines and newspapers also include their blog address at the end of their texts. There are also those web applications where you’re asked to make a profile, including your blog URL in such profiles can also help bring new readers who are curious about you and your blog.

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