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Interactivity is in the nature of blogs . Most of it takes place on blogs themselves – posts are being published, readers comment on them, other bloggers comment, adding links to their own posts, blog posts linking to another blog posts are linked in over pingbacks.

Occasionally, however, you may want to get in touch with a blogger directly and being a blogger you may want to give that possibility to your readers and to other bloggers. If you publish your email address, however, it’s not only readers who can read it, but also spambots – computers searching the web for addresses to send spam to. As a result, you will see the effects of publishing your address within a few weeks in the form of much higher numbers of spam in your inbox.

A solution to this dilemma is to encrypt your e-mail address to make it unreadable for spam bots.

There are several on-line tools to do this. I am just picking one as an example: Enter your e-mail address and a few other parameters for e-mails that people are going to send to you in WillMaster’s Advanced Email Link Generator with Anti-Spam Encoder. Activate the little box labelled “Employ Anti-Spam Encoding?” and click on “Update General Links”. Copy the text in the window labelled ” Generated HTML Link” and paste it into the “Code” tab of your blog editor.

The following email link, which is not readable for spam bots, was created using this tool: React to this blog.

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  1. Hello,

    I have an account on Blogactiv and I participate regularly to the Sustainable Energy Blog

    recently, I tried to login with my usual login (ingenheiro) and password and I get the message “The blog has been suspended”.
    I tried to reset my password but have the same message.
    My colleagues do not have any problem accessing and posting at the blog.

    Could you please help me solving the problem?

    Many thanks and best regards

  2. It really is so that sometimes I want to get in touch with a blogger directly and of course any blogger may want to give that possibility to his/her readers and to other bloggers. That’s why your ideas are very useful.

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