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Planned Changes To BlogActiv

A few weeks ago, I emailed our bloggers to let everyone know that the technical guys at BlogActiv are working on a system upgrade. In technical speak, this inolves migrating to a more recent version of WordPressMU and changing server. To those of us that don’t speak technical, we are updating the site so that… » read more

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Since its setting-up eight months ago, Blogactiv has become a central element of the EU blogosphere. A number of Blogactiv blogs are among the most discussed on the EU and the most interesting EU bloggers outsideBlogactiv are all watching what is going on on our platform and leaving comments. Blogactiv would like to enhance this… » read more

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Blogactiv is rapidly expanding. Readership has doubled in the last two months. An increasing number of bloggers from all over Europe, individuals as well as organisations is joining our community. iScience, our event blog organised for the French national institute for research in computer science and control (INRIA) at the end of May, is a… » read more

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Blogactiv Reloaded

Eight months after its official launch, Blogactiv, the leading blog platform dedicated to European affairs, will put a revamped version online on the 9thof June 2008 with the objective to provide Blogactiv bloggers with the best services and increase interactivity with the European blogosphere. Welcome to Blogactiv 1.0! After eight months of beta testing, we… » read more

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Welcome to Blogactiv

Welcome to BlogActiv, the blogging site dedicated to building a better EU and connecting Europeans to it. In fact, when you think about it, those two goals are in the wrong order in the above sentence. Because it’s by connecting Europeans to the EU that we’ll make it better. Hence this site – a blog… » read more

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