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What is a Section?

A section aggregates posts together in a particular field in one language, and generally provides some ‘added value’ links.

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Sections List

Some sections are available from the top navigation, which will slowly change as topics rise and fall in importance. At the moment only the English domain has sections (see below). The full list of currently active sections is:

  • Communications (English): why are communications between the EU and EU citizens so bad? How can they be improved? Or should they be improved – perhaps EU debates should remain focused on the Member State level?
  • Energy & Climate (English): what role for the EU in tackling energy consumption, climate change and energy security?
  • EU Priorities (English): what should the EU’s overall priorities be? What should the current and next Presidencies focus on?
  • Social Europe (English): what role for the EU?

How they Work

Tag Bundles

Whenever any blogger publishes a post, they assign it tags to describe its subject. The blogger will see a list of tags s/he has already used, but can always invent a new one if needed.

When a Section is defined, its Editor defines a tag bundle. Whenever a post is published with one of these tags, it appears in the section’s main column automatically

Added Value Content

[Note: this aspect of Sections is still under development – see Welcome to the Alpha Version]

Apart from bringing together posts from across Blogactiv on a particular subject, Sections also provide links to relevant resources across the web – background context, key sites, latest news, useful blogs. These appear on the right hand column.

The Sections are Yours

Sections belong to the community of bloggers whose posts appear there.

To take ownership, use the Comments Feature of the Section’s Welcome Message (top of the page) to suggest changes to a Section’s tag bundle and suggest sites, newsfeeds and external blogs for the section’s ‘added value’ column.

Other discussions on Sections – e.g., if a new Section is needed, if a Section should be split or combined with another – should take place on the Support Blog’s Suggestion Box.

Sections and Languages

Sections are monolingual, so each section pulls together all relevant posts in its language. Section Editors, however, will generally link to relevant sections in other language domains of the site. Of course, sections linked in this way may vary somewhat in scope, as different communities develop.

Note: while the launch version of Blogactiv allows bloggers to characterise their blogs by language, a planned upgrade will allow individual posts to be characterised by language. A blogger who generally post in French could then occasionally post in English, with the English posts appearing in the English sections.

Four sections emerged in the site’s English domain during this site’s launch phase.

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