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Commenting to someone’s post is always easy on Blogactiv. If you create a profile on the site, it will become even easier, and your networking will be more effective.

How Do I Comment? | Create and Raise Your Profile

How Do I Comment?

The comment feature can be found after each individual post.

Note: if you’re looking at someone’s blog, which generally displays a few of their latest posts, you’ll find a note below each post – in red text – noting whether there are any comments or not. Click it to comment on the post.

If you’ve never commented on blogactiv before, you will see several empty boxes appear:

  • your name and email address (this will not be published), plus an optional space to put a link to your website
  • an anti-spam word that must be entered to prove that you are not a spamming robot
  • the actual text box where you write your comment.

If you’ve commented before on Blogactiv from the same computer, then the first boxes will usually be pre-filled for you. But you’ll still need to enter the anti-spam word, unless you create a user profile.

Create a User Profile

A user profile means faster commenting and a higher profile:

  • the first three boxes of the comment feature will be pre-filled for you
  • you will not need to fill in the anti-spam word
  • your name, above your comment, will link to your Blogactiv Profile (below)
  • you will be able to use the more advanced features which Blogactiv will roll out in the future

You will need to log in to the site to gain these benefits, but you will generally only have to do this once on each computer. On subsequent visits, you will generally be logged in automatically.

What is a Blogactiv Profile?

Your Blogactiv profile is optional. It provides some more information about you – a link to your site, biographical information, contact information … – so people can see the person behind the comment.

How do I create a User Profile?

Simply clicking Create Your Blog at the top of the screen will take you to a form with the following fields:

  1. username: this is how you’ll be known on the site
  2. email address: this is used to send your activation email (see below), so get it right!
  3. First and Last Name: these are not displayed on the site
  4. Security question: just type YES to prove to us that you’re not some sort of spam program or other nasty
  5. Select ‘Just a username, please’ and hit Next

You will then receive an activation email with a link, which will take you to a page with your username and password. You can now log in, add information to your Blogactiv profile, and comment without having fill out that anti-spam word.

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