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Blogactiv is rapidly expanding. Readership has doubled in the last two months. An increasing number of bloggers from all over Europe, individuals as well as organisations is joining our community. iScience, our event blog organised for the French national institute for research in computer science and control (INRIA) at the end of May, is a… » read more

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Blogactiv Reloaded

Eight months after its official launch, Blogactiv, the leading blog platform dedicated to European affairs, will put a revamped version online on the 9thof June 2008 with the objective to provide Blogactiv bloggers with the best services and increase interactivity with the European blogosphere. Welcome to Blogactiv 1.0! After eight months of beta testing, we… » read more

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Interactivity is in the nature of blogs . Most of it takes place on blogs themselves – posts are being published, readers comment on them, other bloggers comment, adding links to their own posts, blog posts linking to another blog posts are linked in over pingbacks. Occasionally, however, you may want to get in touch… » read more

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How to start a covert blog

When you have just started your blog, chances are that you don’t want all visitors to the Blogactiv site to know about it before you have done some basic customisation and perhaps posted one post other than “Hello World!” That’s easy to do: In the back office, under “Plug-Ins”, activate “Set blog private view” You… » read more

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If you see a long link that you included in a Blogactiv post not respect column borders and mess up the right-hand sidebar, like this: , there is consolation: You are not the only. Some error that we are trying to resolve is preventing long links from breaking at line ends. If you want… » read more

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So you’ve got your blog and you’re writing posts, but you’re wondering about how to get a boost in visitors or comments. If your goal is to expand your readership and foster some quality comment discussions, then it is a good idea to interact with the blogging community. This community includes other Blogactiv bloggers, of… » read more

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A useful plug-in, particularly for giving structure to long posts. Installing this plug in essentially adds a second row of editing buttons to your write page, allowing you to: apply the ‘standard styles’ to paragraphs (heading 1 … heading 6, plus 1-2 others) apply styles such as superscript and subscript, font colour, etc. insert horizontal… » read more

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