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Why Blog on Blogactiv? will build on EurActiv‘s readership to become the premier source for opinions, discussions and views on EU affairs.

What is Blogactiv?

Web2.0 is opening up opinion-forming processes in all areas of politics and society. For EU actors working on European Union policy, this offers both opportunities and challenges. With European elections looming in 2009, now is the time to integrate Web2.0 into your communications activities, and start building and interacting with your audience.

Not that this is limited to EU Actors. Europe belongs to Europeans. If you care passionately about a particular issue, you already know there is almost certainly a ‘European angle’ to it.

If you have something to say on Europe, Blogactiv provides you the best platform to say it from. Complementing EurActiv’s independent and neutral coverage of EU Affairs, Blogactiv will become the premier source of content on the future of Europe.

Why should I care?

Blogactiv will become central to the emerging online public discussion space on Europe’s future. It will be the place to go when you want to know what the EU’s decision-makers think, and when you want to shift the debate or argue your corner.

But why blog on Blogactiv?

Anyone can set up a blog on any number of generic platforms in a matter of minutes. And every minute, many hundreds of people do just that.

Hence the sea of mainly worthless content clogging up the Web, making it difficult for you to stand out, build and engage with your audience.

Setting up on Blogactiv will be no more difficult, but the audience will be far easier to create: the most popular and noteworthy blogs will receive exposure on the relevant sections of and its CrossLingual Network of sites across Europe, which between them receive 475,000 visitors every month.

Technically speaking, moreover, Blogactiv is tailored specifically to European affairs. There are myriads of blogging technologies, add-ins, extensions and widgets available to today’s bloggers. We have examined them all, and adapted those best suited to discussing Europe.

Which is why Blogactiv is multilingual, with major sections coming pre-built with background briefings on the main EU issues of the day. There will also be technical support, community-building activities, and a very active marketing campaign.

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